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The chairmassage is an effective and accessible massaging.
The massage is done through the clothes and within a convenient period of time, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes.

Massage has, due to blood circulation stimulation, a constructive effect. It ensures blocked waste and energy to flow easier. It
The result is constructive and the body finds it's balance.
Stress and fatigue change to exist.
You will feel reborn after a chair massage.

The hourly rate is € 60,- (excl.21% Tax).
The job size is minimum 2 hours.
Outside of Amsterdam we charge travelling costs.
For returning assignments a special rate can be offered.

Chair massages can be deducted from the tax,
if a number of conditions are met.
Read more about tax deductions for companies here.

A sick employee costs € 400 a day (source CBS).
By preventing 1 person of being sick 1 day a year,
1 employee can get chairmassages every 2,5 weeks a whole year long.
Healthier personnel make happier people on the workfloor and bring in miljards.

Would you like more information or a quote?
Mail us at mail@ahms.nl 

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